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1 – What is the function of the machine?
   — It is a complete car wash system.
2 – How does the machine operate ?
— It pumps pressurized steam jet up to 9 Bar mixed with liquid polish kept in a separate tank.
3 – Is steam harmful to  the body or the paint of the car?
— SteamJet machine generate a wet steam , not dry, therefore there is absolutely no damage to the body or the paint of the car.
4 – What characteristic wash and polishing at the same time?
— The SteamJet machine has significant feature of washing and polishing during the wash  because it has a water tank and another separate tank of a special polishing liquid which distinguish it from other competitor machines.
5 – Who is the country manufacturer of the machine?
— It is Korean-made with high global  specifications .
6 – What are the specifications of the machine?
— It is characterized with the wet steam feature, which does not affect the external paint of the vehicle and by the having the separate reservoir for special polish liquid that enable the machine to do washing and polishing the car at the same time.
7 – What is the fuel used to operate the machine?
— There are three types, gas , diesel and electricity 3 phase 220 volts.
8 – How long does it take to wash a car?
— From 20 to 30 minutes to complete outside wash and wax and cleaning of the interior.
9 – How much is the water consumption for washing the car?
— One liter of water enough to wash the car.
10 – How much is gross weight of the machine?
— Weighing approximately 100 kilograms.
11 – Is the use personal or commercial?
— The machines is dedicated to the business of car washing or carpets or air-conditioners, it can be used as personal.
12 – Is there any warranty  for the machine?
— It has one year warranty include repairs and spare parts for the technical breakdowns only.

13 – Why do you conceder SteamJet machine is the best in the market?

— It is the best because of the following:

         – The machine has very advanced safety devices.

         – The structure is completely made of high gage stainless steel.

         – All interior pipes made of high quality copper.

         – It has controlled wet steam for better performance.       

         – It has the characteristic of washing and waxing at the same time.

         – It has steam pressure up to 9 bar. For more details click ( Features )