The latest technology in the future of car wash with the power of SteamJet

 The distinctive unique characteristics of SteamJet  machines

1 – It’s made in Korea 100% and all structure parts are made of the high gauge stainless steel metal which is resistant to corrosion.
2 – All internal piping manufactured of high quality copper.
3 – The Diesel and Gas have a reservoir tank for water and other tank for  wax liquid which gives the feature of washing and shining at the same
time. The Electric one has the feature of washing only.
4 – For the Diesel and Gas the operate at 200 watts electric power consumption only. The electric type operate at 10 KW power consumption.
5 – The steam pressure is up to 9 bar with steam temperature 80 – 90 °C.
6 – The machine has high-quality safety system documented globally.
7 – Capability of controlling the moisture of the steam to obtain
excellent washing results.
8 – Ability of operating machines with diesel, gas fuel or electricity.
9 – Characteristic of early sound warnings when a short of water or wax liquid or fuel.

10- The unit ways almost 95 Kg and 90 cm high, 50 cm wide, 78 cm length.

11- The unit for commercial use, it is conceder as complete carwash.

12- The machine could used for multiple services such as:

    – Clean and sterilize kitchens and bathrooms

    – Clean and sterilize production lines

    – Cleaning windows of buildings

    – Cleaning billboards and signs

    – Cleaning and disinfecting water tanks

    – Cleaning and disinfecting swimming pools

    – Cleaning air-conditioners of all kinds